Three distinct exhibitions take place across the southeast and southwest regions. They act like chapters of the same book; each with their own identity but all contained under one title.

They provide a unique opportunity to see how artists unified by the forefather of British sculpture, explore the language of sculpture today. By presenting the varied work of these artists, we aim to illustrate the different ways in which the evolution of sculptural language has been negotiated.

The exhibitions are designed for everyone and provide access to new work and new ideas. Free learning resources are available to help visitors explore the exhibitions. Please see the Resources page for details. Please see the Resources page for details.

Artist Boss

at The Cut,

30th August – 6th October 2016

Artist Boss

at the New Art Centre,
Roche Court

19th November 2016 – 29th January 2017

Artist Boss

at Bath School of Art & Design,
Bath Spa University

5th December 2016 – 20th January 2017